My New Lazair III

My New Lazair III

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baby Got New Shoes

A Clean Desk (Shop) is a sign of a sick mind.
Albert Einstein…..Supposedly.

Posting time again, I love it when a plan comes together. I have been toiling away like a little bee. I got a 6” carbon fiber spinner in the other day directly from China, made by Chinamen, in Chinatown, actually a really nice piece of work. The purpose of the spinner is to allow me to start the Evolution radials easier using an external starter and without endangering my hands and fingers. After adding necessary bracketry inside the spinner it has been fitted to the engine and works quite well. 

See the latest video of running the second engine using the external electric starter here:

I have also installed the 8” wheels onto the Lazair. These are the same wheels from the last blog. I had custom axles machined; these wheels are fitted with the Black Max Brakes as before. So now I have two wheels and brake options. You can have 6” wheels with black max brakes like those shown in the previous posts. Or you can have these snazzy new 8” wheels, which are the same size as the Original Lazair wheels, with Black Max brakes, as seen here.

I have two sets of 6” wheels available for anyone wanting to replace their broken original plastic Lazair wheels. These sets are wheels only, no brakes, if you want new wheels, and/or brakes, contact me and I can set you up with a wheels only kit or a full up wheels and brake kit of your choice.

Mark IV wing construction begins in earnest. Here are some pictures of the first rib being fitted to the Mark IV wing spar. This is very exciting!

A Newly Minted Lazair pilot.
Here is a video of my good friend Swaid flying my Lazair for the first time. He is a very skilled multi-engine pilot and I have every confidence in his abilities, but it’s always a bit nerve racking to let someone else fly your bird. He is now our officially unofficial factory test/check-out/demonstration pilot and hopefully will be able to accompany us to Oshkosh next year to unveil the Mark IV.

Service Difficulty Report

During a recent preflight inspection the upper aft seat tube support (G307) was found to be severely cracked. Upon removal it was found the bracket was completely broken. A magnified inspection of the crack surface indicated a crack occurred during manufacture, or as a result of manufacture, and propagated to failure via fatigue. Closely inspect your aircraft for this problem. A redesigned, stronger bracket is available and shown installed.

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