My New Lazair III

My New Lazair III

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Digs

Well I’ve finally jumped off the deep end. I guess the old saying of “Put your money where your mouth is” has come into play. I have leased a small T-hangar at the local (if you call 30 miles away local) grass strip. I am unloading all the tooling for Lazair stuff and trying to figure out what all these old rusty bits do, or used to do. So far I’ve found the tooling used to make the seat bows, a crude but ingenious bit of tomfoolery, and am figuring out how to use it. There are bits and pieces of all sorts. In the discovery we’ve come across a roll of Tedlar, looks to be in good condition after you take a few feet of damaged and aged material off. I’ve found several replaceable propeller blades, perhaps some testing was going on with ground adjustable props? There are 3 Rotax 185’s with Bi-props, and two 2SI engines with Prince P-Tip props. But the crowning jewels, besides a complete Series 3, maybe it’s an Elite airframe, are two absolutely beautiful sheet metal floats for the Lazair, pics below. Whoever made these put a supreme effort in, they are wonderful works of art in aluminum, and very light weight. I don’t have a scale yet but they can’t be more than about 7 lbs each. These were truly a labor of love and craftsmanship par excellence and very labor intensive indeed! As we are not going to offer float options in the foreseeable future we are offering these floats for sale as well as the engines and propellers. There is also a set of original wheels and brakes for sale as well.


Immediately we are going to work on making ribs out of our mold, getting the first set of D-Cells ready with the beefed up spars and fuel tanks in the leading edges, and new landing gear main wheels. Please contact me if you’re interested in any of the parts.
As the weather cools off here in south Georgia I will be to working on getting this project up and moving and will post updates more often as we make significant accomplishments. Thanks for taking time to have a look see.


More Later,