My New Lazair III

My New Lazair III

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Old Rusty Bits for New Shiny Parts

As promised...more updates.
As I continue to unpack I make fresh and exciting discoveries on a continuing basis. Along with the tooling that makes the seat bows, I think (and hope) I have discovered tooling that presses the upper and lower channels for the engine pylons. The upper channel was considerably worrisome as it is not easily reproduced without proper tooling and I really didn't want to reinvent the wheel so to speak and develop new tooling, even though  I am in several different areas (like the wheels). Dale's design for these parts was at once elegant and simplistic, always a hallmark for lightweight strong structures. Making a proper press fixture for this part is expensive. The lower channel is relatively easy to make with a hammer and form had we needed. But we have the tooling, it needs some TLC to be sure but at first take appears to be serviceable.



We also found some other punches and tooling and are sorting those out as well.

Progress is being made, slowly but surely. I have to remind myself the hare won the race.

More next time,